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Our customers say it best–Westfield Steel takes care of their customers. They know we build a strong partnership. That starts by taking the time to ask the right questions about your steel needs.

“We use Westfield Steel as a tool to help us meet our goals.

We build a lot of very large electric motors and bases, which sometimes stretch the envelope of what materials are available from the steel industry. During the design phase of our project, I always rely and depend on Westfield Steel to let me know what product is available to work with.

I remember one specific project that required very large steel plates. Our main vendor for large plate could not provide the material in the time frame that we needed it. I turned to Westfield Steel to figure out what we could do. With their experience and willingness to step out and try something new, we had what we needed in less than a week. They put us ahead of schedule and gave us a more superior product than we were expecting.

– Engineer for a manufacturer of electric motors

“I can’t say enough great things about Westfield Steel.

They have been our go-to source for steel. They have an excellent service center with employees that get back with us right away on quotes when we need to buy steel. We receive quotes the same day for materials we need. Westfield Steel takes care of their customers and their staff is very knowledgeable and helpful with all of our questions. They know how to provide quality service and are very fast and efficient. They also provide high quality steel. I know when I deal with Westfield Steel that I will be getting the very best for what I’m paying and will be taken care of without having to wait. It’s that personalized service that keeps people loyal to Westfield Steel.”

– Project Engineer for a manufacturer of heavy and light duty conveyors

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