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About Us

We do more with steel. You gain more value.

Since 1977, Westfield Steel has been more than a steel service center. Our processing capabilities are an added value because we can move from job to job and process to process. Simply put, we adapt to your needs.

Your One-Stop Shop

When you choose Westfield Steel, you get a material supplier, a processor, and a shipping service that will get your product where it needs to go on time. If you need custom work, we can do it. If you need hauling services, we can do it. Our 24-hour operation ultimately means saving you money and time from start to finish. We also have facilities in Terre Haute, Indiana, and Springfield, Ohio, to help meet your needs.

As a family-owned business, based in Westfield, IN, we pride ourselves on doing the job right. We are committed to learning about you, understanding your needs, helping you overcome challenges, and providing the best service options for your business.

“I don’t use anybody else.”
– A wholesaler and leader in designing and constructing bulk material handling equipment for farms

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