About Us

Westfield Steel has been in business since 1977. Throughout this time, we have seen our fair share of challenges, but nothing that we have not been able to overcome. Overcoming challenges requires having a strong value structure in place. At Westfield Steel, that means having a strong work ethic and building strong relationships. We have been doing business with many of our clients for over 20 years. What does it take to build such a relationship? It’s taking the time to get to know your customer.

Any steel company can provide products, but do they truly take the time to understand your business? Westfield Steel is a company that wants to get to know your business. This begins with listening to what you have say, and then asking the right questions to make certain that we are providing you the best options for your business when it comes to steel. This is something that is unique to each customer. Yes, we can provide your business with the steel products you want at the best overall cost, but for Westfield Steel, it’s about doing more.

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